Cuxos Boutique Hotel Isla Mujeres

As part of the Chichis and charlies family, this new boutique hotel was born in 2019, in Playa Norte, Isla Mujeres, the Cuxos Boutique hotel

Located next to Chichis and Charlies, Cuxos boutique hotel offers a higher level accommodation facing the sea. The building has 8 standard rooms and a suite on the top floor, restaurant, beach chairs and kayaks.

The details of the rooms are luxurious with all the comfort.

In cuxos hotel you can enjoy the clean and crystalline waters of Playa Norte and also a higher level cuisine with its gourmet specialties The tranquility and beauty of Isla Mujeres can be better enjoyed at Cuxos boutique hotel.

Cuxos Hotel, Isla Mujeres


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Cuxos Hotel, Isla Mujeres

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Cuxos Hotel, Isla Mujeres